Meeting rooms

All available meeting rooms are located near to the exhibition hall and are mainly situated on level 3.

Meeting room bookings

The start for booking will be the 15th of February 2021.
For questions/requests, please contact

Rooms will be allocated according to the following priorities:
1. Full conference period booking
2. Daily booking
3. Half day booking – only rooms from 8 – 16 pax

The following meeting room sizes are available: 

  • Room Category 1: 30sqm at a daily rental fee of EUR 1,450.00
  • Room Category 2: 34-44 sqm at a daily rental fee of EUR 1,650.00 
  • Room Category 3: 51-61 sqm at a daily rental fee of EUR 1,950.00


  • Room Category 1: 30 sqm – 25 pax (theater style); 13 pax (u-shape)
  • Room Category 2: 34-44 sqm
    • S1: 18 pax (theater style); 12 pax (u-shape)
    • S2: 18 pax (theater style); 12 pax (u-shape)
    • S3: 18 pax (theater style); 14 pax (u-shape)
    • S4: 18 pax (theater style); 10 pax (u-shape)
  • Room Category 3: 51-61 sqm
    • R2/R3: 65 pax (theater style); 29 pax (u-shape)
    • R12: 54 pax (theater style); 25 pax (u-shape)
    • R13: 54 pax (theater style); 24 pax (u-shape)

Please note that these capacities are regular room capacities. The final room capacity will be known once the hygiene concept is in place. We will keep you posted. 

Included Services

The following equipment is included in the rental price:
• Standard AV (projector & screen)
• Chairs and tables for standard setup in boardroom
• WiFi for standard usage (surfing, checking emails, etc.)
• Signage in front of the room (room name, company name and meeting title)
• Daily cleaning
• Electricity (230V, 10A, max 2000W)
• Waste bin
• Coat check
• Triple socket

Standard set-up in boardroom will be provided. Any change to the setup, special needs or modification of the basic set-up may occur additional costs. Please find the contact below.

Additional Orders and Changes – Contacts

Contact will follow soon

Technical information and services:
Contact will follow soon

Contact will follow soon

Badges & Meeting Room Access
Meeting Rooms will only be available for exhibiting companies or Sponsors at the ERA-EDTA 2021.
All persons requesting access to the Meeting Rooms must be registered either as a delegate or as an exhibitor. Persons without an official congress badge will not be permitted to enter the room. This also applies for the set-up and dismantling times.

Opening Hours

The general opening times of the congress centre (as defined by ERA-EDTA and depending on the overall security concept) also apply for the Industry Meeting Rooms.

Rules & Regulations

During the entire period of the ERA-EDTA annual meeting 2021, companies are not be permitted to run any scientific related activities (this includes all scientific symposia and promotional events with invited speakers and / or presented data / case studies as well as all educational or practical workshops).
Companies are permitted to invite delegates to their meeting (maximum of 50 attendees – with the exception of staff briefings), but this can only be through individual invitations. Mass mailings or general promotion in any form either prior to or during the congress is strictly prohibited.
Promotional activities such as roll ups, posters or self-provided signage are also prohibited outside the Meeting Rooms.

Key pickup & key return

Keys for the Meeting Rooms can be picked up at the Exhibitor Registration Desk, which will be located in the main entrance.

Hostesses throughout the venue will be at your disposal during the meeting. Access to the rooms will only be given if the full invoice amount for the room rental has been paid prior to the ERA-EDTA Meeting.
An organisational sheet will be provided at a later stage on which the contact details of the person in charge of your Meeting Room will have to be indicated.

The person in charge will be able to pick up the key for your Meeting Room 30 minutes prior to the booked period. Please ensure that it is returned at the very latest 30 minutes after the booked period ends.

In case the key is either not returned or is lost, we will have to charge you EUR 150 plus statutory sales tax according to European regulations. Please have your credit card details ready on-site in the form of a guarantee. Naturally, we would only make a charge if the key is either not returned or lost. We kindly ask for your understanding that on-site orders can only be accepted from the registered company representative. This is to avoid any double orders or misunderstandings.

Payment terms & cancellation

Payment Terms
After the room allocation, you will receive a 100% invoice which is due right upon receipt.

All cancellations must be made in writing. If the company prematurely terminates the agreement, the Organiser shall retain the following sum:

– Cancellation until 1 March 2021: refund of 50% of the rental fee
– Cancellation after 1 March 2021: 100% cancellation fee