The decision for a hybrid concept is final and we will only negotiate if there are any new regulations due to COVID-19.

There will be no other live event in the CityCube at the same time.

For now, we are not planning to install a test center or temperature scanning station. If this would be required for an onsite event, we will organise everything to make sure that we all can participate a safe and secure congress.


All technical aspects will come from M-Events / JMT and it is one big platform (accessible via a browser), which makes it easier for the users.


Unfortunately, we cannot give you detailed information about this at the moment, because we will wait for the official regulations which will apply for that certain time.

Yes, we will, in case there will be no regulations from the government according to this.

The Virtual Meeting part will also be hosted in Germany whereas it is a European Congress addressed to European attendees. From our perspective the industry needs to apply European law. We recommend this to be checked by your legal department.

The details are still in process and we will share the detailed information as soon as possible.

Onsite Exhibition

The vertical aisles will be 6m and the horizontal aisles will be 4m wide.

We do not plan one-way flows at the moment and try to open as many doors as possible.

In case there will be any changes of the concept, we will find a win-win solution for sure, as ERA-EDTA has always done all the years before.

At the moment there is no such limitation for the booth – there will be a calculation of people per square meter which will be used for the entire calculation (status as per February 2021)

It is always a company decision to take part in a congress. ERA-EDTA communicated their decision for a hybrid concept and hope for the support of the industry.


Virtual Exhibition

Each company is able to inform us if their content will be only available for HCPs. Therefore, you have also the possibilities to work with subprofiles. If you are interested in more details, please contact us: industry@era-edta.org

Please have a look into our Industry Webshop. If you need more detailed information, please contact us: industry@era-edta.org or exhibition@era-edta.org

The booking deadline will be April 16, 2021.

Yes, the link to an external company website is included in the Basic virtual package. Please note, that an external link to a 3D booth is not valid for this type of external link.

The packages are not static and you can add items to the packages.


YES, all industry symposia will be streamed.

The presentations (with the presentation format 16:9) must be handed in 90 minutes before the symposium session begins. You have to hand in your presentations at the media check; the presentation will be streamed into the session rooms where your symposium will be held. It is not possible to upload the presentation in the session room and you cannot use your own notebooks without prior consultation.

We are foreseeing an area where delegates can watch the online programme on their mobile devises.

Yes, you could have different speakers, one presenting live, one having a pre-recording. It is suggested to have both present during the live Q&A at the end though.

It is not suggested to do the answering of questions in writing, but theoretically possible (also at a later stage).  

Your speaker records the lecture using the PowerPoint Narration Tool. Detailed instructions will be provided.

With a virtual symposium all speakers and faculty will indeed dial in remotely from their location and will not be present in Berlin.

Yes, this is possible. Please have a look to the overview of the different presentation forms for more detailed information.

The slides for live and pre-recorded presentations must be submitted online via the ERA-EDTA 2021 presentation platform prior to the event. Usually, the deadline is 2 weeks before the event start but we will provide detailed information regarding those deadlines in due time.

All speaker will receive detailed instructions before the congress (incl. links etc.) and they will be instructed around 15 minutes before the session starts to settle and ask last minute questions.

The industry symposia are freely accessible to all people who are logged in to their My ERA-EDTA Account, also without a Congress Membership Registration. Moreover, for all registered delegates there will be a menu bar with the item “industry symposia” from where all sessions can be accessed. There is no access separation for live and virtual and all delegates will be able to watch the industry content.

60 minutes (Q&A included). It is required that your presentation strictly adheres to the given presentation talk time, as stated in the program.

Questions will be shown to your moderator first and he/she can decide to make them public.

Full name, organization, e-mail address

To a limited extend. Background branding is possible at additional costs. If interested, please contact us for more details: industry@era-edta.org

Yes, this is possible with additional costs. If interested, please contact us for more details: industry@era-edta.org

Booking this add on means that you will be having one single file in the end that includes the different presentations (in case you have multiple speakers) and also the live Q&A of your session. Some companies use this as a valuable marketing tool to place the recording in their own platforms or use it for future reference and marketing purposes. If interested, please contact us for more details: industry@era-edta.org

Please have a look at our industry concept. We will inform all companies who booked an industry symposia about all details and deadlines soon.

Please have a look at our industry concept. We will inform all companies who booked an industry symposia about all details and deadlines soon.

Yes, the content will be available as webcast for one month after the congress.

Yes, there will be a symposium page on which you can add your agenda, faculty information and more detailed information about the symposium.

Yes, it will be accessible on all devices.

The industry symposia cannot be freely downloaded as a video file but the content will be available as webcast for one month after the congress.

We will guarantee that there will be a check-in system on the virtual platform which will check if the delegate is allowed to watch the content.

There will be a designated area for delegates onsite where they can join the virtual industry symposia. For advertisement please have a look to our industry prospectus or contact us: industry@era-edta.org

This would be possible in general but needs to be discussed individually and will be related with higher effort. We will share all possible presentation forms during February 2021.