Educational Grant Handling

Interplan provides a fully compliant Medical Education Support for the ERA-EDTA Congress 2021.

The industry’s financial support for unbiased medical education remains fundamental. Interplan offers established models for indirect sponsorship addressed to Health Care Organisations (HCOs). As a Trusted Partner of the Ethical Charter (Ethical MedTech – MedTech Europe Compliance Portal), Interplan is placed to manage and administrate Educational Grants for the ERA-EDTA.

Health Care Professionals attending the ERA-EDTA Congress benefit from the highest quality of medical education available. Interplan ensures the most compliant distribution of your support. Corporate partners providing Educational Grants benefit from a dedicated well-trained team and established infrastructure to ensure professional grant handling and management.

In accordance with the MedTech Code of Ethical Business Practice, the HCOs remain solely responsible for the selection of the individual HCPs. Interplan takes care of the correct distribution of the Grant funds. You may just pre-select institutions that shall be invited to submit nominations.

We guarantee reliable and transparant processes and reporting according to your individual requirements in compliance with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

To receive further information on Educational Grants, please  provide us with basic information on your planned engagement ( Our team will contact you with additional information and a non-binding basic Educational Grant Proposal for your further consideration.