Terms & Conditions

EASD Annual Meeting 2020, 21 – 25 September 2020 in Vienna, Austria

How to book

The booking of the items has to be submitted via our online booking platform by choosing the favored sponsorship(s) and entering the relevant company details to be mentioned in the contract and on the invoice. Please note that your booking is subject to availability and is only valid after written confirmation from Interplan.

Exhibition: After submitting your order as mentioned above, you will receive a proposal for a specific stand space (not valid for companies that will be part of the allocation process at the Industry Meeting on 17 July 2019). After you have confirmed the position, the contract and invoice will be sent out.

Symposia: After submitting your order as mentioned above, you will receive a confirmation for your slot. Later on, the contract and invoice will be sent out. Interplan will provide you with all necessary organisational details as soon as they are available.


Payment terms

The invoice for 100% of the amount will be sent out in November 2019. The following terms of payment apply:

  • 50% of the total amount will be due within 30 days after receipt of the invoice
  • 50% of the final balance will be due by 29 May 2020, prior to the Meeting

All payments must be made in EUR plus statutory sales tax according to European regulations and 1% contract fee, due to Austrian law, and exclusive any bank charges or any other charges. The booked service has to be paid prior to the meeting.


Cancellation Terms

Kindly note that submitting the booking form is already a binding agreement and a later cancellation will cause costs.


Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing.


Total or partial cancellation will be accepted until 01 November 2019 with a penalty charge of 20%.

Total or partial cancellation will be accepted until 31 January 2020 with a penalty charge of 50%.

Total or partial cancellation will be accepted after 31 January 2020 with a penalty charge of 100%.


The outlined terms shall be equally valid for contracts signed past the cancellation deadlines.


Official currency / VAT regulations

All exhibition and sponsoring costs are quoted in Euro (€).

All prices quoted are subject to statutory sales tax according to European regulations. Place of performance and venue of jurisdiction is Munich. The law of Germany applies.

For further details, please refer to the Regulations for EASD Meetings and the General Conditions of the location.


Country laws / Pharma code

The society would like to have a conflict-free advertising environment and reserves the right to cancel advertising efforts. Sponsors and exhibitors are advised to consider the codes of conduct for pharmaceutical and medical companies. Furthermore, it is important to adhere to the country-specific compliance regulations on the application of medical devices, exemplified FSA/AKG/EFPIA, BVmed/Eucomed, EACCME/CME, code of medical ethics of the Local State Chambers of Physicians (national) and provisions of national law, e.g. HWG and provisions of international law. On request of the exhibitor/sponsor, we will disclose the conditions and the extent of the support given on the occasion of the Industry Programme of the EASD Annual Meeting if required by country-specific codes of conduct or national laws. If you would like to disclose this for your company, please indicate it on the online booking platform and/or in the contract.


Restrictions for company activities

During the entire period of the EASD Annual Meeting, companies are not permitted to run any scientific related activities (all scientific symposia and promotional events with invited speakers and/or presented data/case studies as well as all educational events or practical workshops).


Information for exhibitors

You will receive the link to the Industry Service Center in February 2020. In the Industry Service Center you will find all relevant regulations regarding your booth construction and activities during the opening times as well as further order forms, for example for shell scheme stands, furniture and further stand equipment. If you need any further information you are always welcome to contact us.

Interplan reserves the right to deviate from the requested size within a narrow tolerance due to the on-site conditions.

Waste disposal fee: Please note that a waste disposal fee of 3.90 € per square meter will be charged. It includes general hall cleaning of aisles and common areas. Cleaning and waste disposal for your stand space during set- up and break-down as well as on the exhibition days needs to be ordered additionally.

Co-exhibitor fee: Exhibitors wishing to assign any part of the confirmed exhibition space to another company can accept the other company as a co-exhibitor. The fee is 1,300 € and the co-exhibitor is entitled to an editorial entry in the Industry Programme, a listing as exhibitor in the Final Programme and 2 free exhibitor registrations.


Furthermore the General Terms and Conditions of Interplan apply.